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Staying committed to your career goals

When you set goals in 2023, how successful were you in accomplishing them? Did you struggle to be consistent in achieving them? Did you lack the energy and time to pursue them? Were you distracted? Did life events prevent you from pursuing them?

If you are anything like me, then 2023 was a rough year for you. Maybe you had hard emotional, physical, and spiritual seasons that were frustrating and overwhelming. The last thing on your mind was being committed to career goals, right? Let's do things differently in 2024. This year, you and I are going to be committed to our goals so that this time next year we will be proud of our progress. Agreed?

Below are a few things you can do this year to stay committed to your career goals:

  1. Go back to your Why - Reflect on why you desire your career goals. Is it for a salary increase, to support your family, or is it to achieve your dream position? Go back to your initial reason for your career goal which will ultimately lead you to achieving your Career Vision.

  2. Break it Down - Many times our goals seem out of reach or unrealistic because we rarely break them down to be attainable. Be realistic with yourself as you narrow down your goal. Use the SMART method.

  3. Have a Winning Circle - Having positive reinforcement and accountability will guarantee your success in achieving your career goal. Ask yourself, who in your village can support you by holding you accountable to your goals and their due dates.

  4. Celebrate your Wins - One thing working moms forget to do is take time to pause, reflect, and celebrate themselves. Here is your reminder to do just so!

  5. Implement Aligned Balance - Ask God what work-life balance looks like so you can have the time and energy to achieve your career goals. What time frame is best to work on your goal? Who do you need to help with certain household responsibilities so you can work on your goals?

A woman writing on her calendar

In 2024, you can be committed to your career goals. Yes, it will take some initial work, but you got this!

For support and to gain the strategy in accomplishing your goals this year, schedule an Empowering Breakthrough Call.

Latika Vines empowers working moms to get back to their Career Visions, so they can feel fulfilled, more committed to themselves, and take the initiative in having God bridge the gap between their careers and work-life balance. To learn more about Latika and how she can help you to gain the clarity, strategy, and confidence you desire to pursue your career and be the best mom and wife, schedule a call with her today!

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