Work It. Life It. Self It.


An Exclusive 12-Week Virtual Coaching Program that is the only Life & Career Management Solution designed to help Working Moms gain the confidence to manage life better, build their career, and reach their potential of being the Boss. 

Work It. Life It. Self It is a 12-Week Virtual Coaching Program designed to help Working Moms no longer feel overwhelmed, stuck, or feel like they have to sacrifice their career for family and vice versa; so you can discover how you will thrive in your career, while being a great mom at the same time - all while becoming a Boss Mom (Boss at work/career and Boss at home)

From this Program, you will...

  • Gain clarity and direction for where you are going in your career

  • Evaluate how you are currently managing your career, family, and yourself

  • Reassess what you currently have that will allow you to save time and energy; and focus on using it

  • Build your confidence to pursue your career/pre-children career goals

  • Gain practical steps to advance your career

  • Gain insight on how to be more present for yourself, family, career, and God

  • Develop a life and management solution (work and life balance plan) so you can manage life and advance your career

Are you among the 60% of working moms who finds work and life balance difficult, with the various roles and responsibilities you have?  

If that is you, then Work It. Life It. Self It. is the

program for you!

Here Is What Our Clients Have Said...

"Latika has been such a blessing. We have weekly meetings where she has been helping me balance my business and personal dreams, hopes, and ambitions. I have been diagnosed with ADD and have a hard time focusing...Latika listens, doesn't judge, she brings clarity and helps me focus...I now have opportunities coming my way that I am slaying to make my 4th quarter better, because of this woman. If you are a woman, mom, you need to contact Latika. She will get you on the path to success." 


Here's Why I'm Passionate About What I Do!

I dreamed of being the first African American Female Chief Learning Officer of a male dominated Law Enforcement Agency. So, I worked my way up the career ladder, and then I had my first daughter. I was still going up the career ladder, taking positions that will give me the exposure I needed to get to the top of the boys club, but I had one challenge - I could no longer stay in the office passed 4pm; I needed to leave at the drop of the dime when my daughter got sick at daycare. None of the other men in my office had my challenges; in fact, they had parents or their wives at home to take care of the matters of home, including kids.


Then, I got pregnant with my 2nd daughter; I now needed a mother's room where I could pump and store breast milk. My career aspirations had to pause because it would be unheard of to be a mother of two kids trying to be in a leadership role (did I mention that I was commuting 3 to 4 hours a day). 


Then, I had child #3; again more challenges came because now I had three children to think about while I was at work; and I didn't want to sacrifice my time with them to get to the next level of my career. I thought I had a system down at home to balance work and life, but it got worse. I got pregnant with child #4. I was told, "Latika, just forget about it. You will never get anywhere in this organization with 4 kids." Or my favorite one was, "stop having sex and you won't have to worry about leaving here on time to pick up your kids." I'm sure you have had similar things said to you.


At this point, I lost sight of my dream because of what others said. I even lost sight of being more productive and strategic with my time and energy. I became overwhelmed, overworked, and stressed out; and then was diagnosed with post partum depression. I didn't have a system with the kids; and I was failing at everything, so I thought. Something had to change; and that's when I had to take a time out and get my life together. I had to develop a life and career management solution to help me to remain sain, but also follow my dreams.


From that moment, I made a promise to myself to help as many women as possible to let go of those feelings of guilt, overworked, and stress, and gain the confidence to go after their pre-children career goals, with a system in place to help them do so. Thus, the development of Work It. Life It. Self It. This program not only helps you create a system for work and life balance, but it helps you gain the confidence and security to go after your God-given dreams. 

Here is what you receive while in the Program:

  • Work & Life Assessment to identify what you want out of Career & Life

  • Career Strategic Vision & Plan to identify what you want to focus on in your career and develop a plan on how to achieve those career goals

  • Bi-Weekly Virtual Coaching Sessions to receive the insight and training needed to create a life and career management solution

  • Strategies to Create Morning & Evening Routines so you can be more productive and resourceful

  • Work and Life Balance Training video as a reference for how you can incorporate balance into your daily life

  • Time Management Assessment to evaluate and identify how you can use the time you have wisely to spend with family, yourself, your husband, and God

  • 30-Day Implementation Jump Start Plan to 

  • Unlimited Email Support in the case you have questions and/or comments in between coaching sessions


Here is the Breakdown of What Your Sessions Will Include: 

Session 1: Develop your Foundation

get clear on what your foundation is

take a self-discovery journey/work & life assessment 

develop the mindset of a conqueror

gain a deep understanding of your identity

Session 2: Write the Vision & Make it Plain

get clear on your Career Strategic Vision

develop your Individual Development Plan

begin your 30-60-90 day career action plan

Session 3: Current Barriers & Roadblocks

identify current barriers to your work and life balance

discover how to dismiss those barriers

identify how you will proceed in blocking those barriers

Session 4: Create Time Management/Block Scheduling

discover how to be more productive

learn how to be purposefully focused

develop a plan to create self-awareness of self-love and self-care time and spaces


Session 5: Identify Your Work & Life Balance

outline what solution/system will benefit you and your family

combine and finalize your life & career management solution

develop a conqueror mindset

set an evaluation plan to see how your management solution/system is working


Session 6: Going Public

gain the courage and confidence to implement your life & career management solution

learn how to discuss your solution with your supervisor

learn how to discuss your solution with your family

learn how to have and keep the momentum


Session 7: Getting the Promotion

  • receive tips on revising your resume/receive an updated resume

  • learn how you can be a visible working mom

  • drafting your 30-second Boss Mom elevator speech

Session 8: The Transitioning Mindset of being a Boss Mom

  • learn how to have the mindset of a boss mom

  • receive tips on defining yourself as a boss mom

Schedule your FREE Breakthrough Call TODAY to learn how you can implement a Life & Career Management Solution in your life.

Here's How Your Life will Transform from this Program

  • Develop a system that saves you time, stress, and energy

  • Have the confidence to apply for the promotion

  • No longer feel you are risking the trade off of promotion for family

  • Develop a Boss Mom mindset

  • Successfully begin navigating your life and career

  • Gain time management skills

  • Have a life that honors God and keeps Him in the center

Are you ready for this transformation? 

You deserve to have the option to have a rewarding career and be a great mom! And, that option should be that you can do both!

 Book a FREE 30-MINUTE BREAKTHROUGH CALL to learn how you can create the life you desire and need, where you can stop surviving the daily juggle of being overwhelmed, stuck, and/or frustrated in choosing between a career and life, and finally reach your potential of being a Boss Mom, where you can have it all, without it all falling a part. 


Jasmine, Federal Government Employee

Now, I have a more permanent schedule, which allows me to work a set schedule in the office, so I can be home with my new baby.

Toya, Chief Creative Engineer

Latika has been such a blessing...she listens, doesn't judge, she brings clarity and helps me focus. I now have opportunities coming my way that I am slaying my 4th quarter better because of this woman...

Do you have a question about the Program? Check out the FAQ page to help you decide when to join this Program. 

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