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Enhance the Vision 
12-Week Life & Coaching Program for Working Moms empowering them with the Clarity, Alignment, and Support to get back to and achieve their Career Vision, so they can feel fulfilled, committed, and ready to take the initiative to allow God to bridge the gap between balance and their career. 

It's time to gain the CLARITY of what you want out of your CAREER VISION and gain the CONFIDENCE knowing you are doing what is best for yourself and your family. Schedule a Breakthrough Call to Determine if this Program is Right For You!


You are a successful career driven woman passionate about what you do. But, since having children, you feel like you are going through the motions.


You lack energy and motivation at work, and even though you don't have the time for everything on your to-do list, you spur up the energy to manage your family and home. Leaving you overwhelmed and tired, but you want more out of life. You want more out of your current role at work, but aren't sure what it could be. 

            If you are going through the motions at home and at work, then

                                     Work It. Life It. Self It. is for you. 

Is this you? 

  • You have a successful career

  • You work hard and give your best

  • You are passionate about what you do

  • You are a God-fearing woman who wants to have a fulfilling life and career. 

But, since having children, something has changed. You are going through the motions at home and at work. You want to continue bonding with your children, but you are ready to be happy and feel fulfilled again. 

You may have forgotten the VISION you have for your life and career. You may be confused with your many passions, and skills, not knowing which career direction to go towards. But, you fear that if you pursue a meaningful career that is fulfilling you won't be able to spend time with your children and husband. You may be feeling pulled in many directions, causing you to feel guilty for thinking about yourself. 

You need clarity and a plan where you can spend time with your children, while not diminishing your CAREER VISION. 

Do you want...

  • a clear direction on how to manage work, so it doesn't' compete with family time and your home?

  • a realistic work and life balance so you can be with your family?

  • the confidence to go after your career vision?

  • not to sacrifice your family for a career?

  • endless opportunities to have a meaningful and fulfilling career?

  • a clear understanding of what you desire in life and get back to the woman behind your many roles?

  • a plan that allows you to have a fulfilling career and be present at home?

But, maybe you feel scared because you don't know if you can put yourself out there again. You feel scared that if you put yourself out there, you will miss important memories with your family. 

It's time to gain CLAIRTY on what your want out of your CAREER VISION, with the confidence knowing you are doing what is best for yourself and your family.

Research shows that 60% of working moms find work and life balance difficult or overwhelming, with the various roles and responsibilities they have.  

While many others are quitting their jobs/careers, because they don't have the CLARITY, CONFIDENCE, or STRATEGY do both.

"Latika has been such a blessing. We have weekly meetings where she has been helping me balance my business and personal dreams, hopes, and ambitions. I have been diagnosed with ADD and have a hard time focusing...Latika listens, doesn't judge, she brings clarity and helps me focus...I now have opportunities coming my way that I am slaying to make my 4th quarter better, because of this woman. If you are a woman, mom, you need to contact Latika. She will get you on the path to success." 



Hi, I'm Latika

I want to help you gain the clarity and confidence you desire. As the Working Mom Empowerer, I help working moms gain clarity on what they want out of their CAREER VISION, CREATE a PLAN to achieve it, and guide them in creating a solution that allows them to blend or balance both their career and life. And, I have been where you are.

I have had to create a solution and plan for myself. After having my 4th child, I began to feel defeated and felt like I was going through the motions. I was not happy in my role at work, I wanted more, but I wasn't sure how to create the time to be the career driven woman and I great I wanted to be.


  • I felt lost

  • I felt confused

  • I didn't know what my priorities were

  • I wanted to quit a job I hated and start over

  • I felt like a failure to my family

I cried more days than not and just didn't know how I was going to continue life the way that I was. Can you relate?

I began researching and talking with friends and family to identify how I could live a more fulfilling career and be a great mom. But, it wasn't until I signed up for coaching that I realized that I could be who I desired to be. I needed to be vulnerable and honest with myself to understand who I wanted to be and realize that it would be ok to add me to the priority list of my life, while still being a great mother and wife. With that reassurance and guidance,  I began to follow my CAREER VISION and started helping other working moms be the leader of their career, grow it, and balance their life.

I am living a fulfilled career because:

  • I have identified balance and blended work and home

  • I am confident in who I am

  • I have peace of mind knowing that I am doing what is right for me, while setting an example for my four daughters

  • I am in charge, I am the leader of my career

  • I am in alignment with God's will for my career and life

And, I want you to experience that same CLARITY so you can experience the joy and fulfillment we are supposed to experience.

Enhance the Vision is a coaching program specifically designed for working moms who desire to achieve their Career Vision and be a great mom to her children. In this program, you will learn how to blend work, life, and yourself to achieve your CAREER VISION and be a great mom. 

What can you expect from the Program?

You will become clear on who you are and what you want out of your career and life. You will learn how to take back your time and create a plan to achieve the work and life balance you desire.


Here is the Breakdown of the Program:

Identifying and Writing your Career Vision

Gain clarity on the Career Vision God has given you.

Discovering Who You Are

Identifying your Career's Unique Value Proposition + SWOT Analysis

Aligning your Career Vision

Identifying how to achieve your Career Vision, and create a plan to accomplish it. While ensuring it is in alignment with God's Will for your life. 

Goal Setting, while Organizing your Priorities

Identify your priorities and which ones should be realigned to pursue your Career Vision and how.

Setting High Intentions in your Work-Life Balance

Identify how you can be focused with your mind and time to be where you want to be in your life and career.

Transition into a Boss Mom

Learn how you can lead and grow your career by balancing life with work and life balance strategies and having God be your firm foundation.

While in the Program, you will receive an abundance of resources and support, including: 

  • 7 Coaching Sessions (via video conferencing)

1 Introductory Session 

6 Coaching Sessions 

  • 8 Training Videos to View in between Sessions

  • Full Email Access in between Sessions

  • Digital Welcome Packet, so you can get started right away

  • Best practices, guides, and affirmations for an in depth self-discovery and growth, and so much more.

Schedule your FREE Breakthrough Call TODAY to learn if this is the best program for you.

Boss Mug

Here's How Your Life will Transform from this Program

  • The confidence to pursue your Career Vision

  • Better time management

  • Productive work and life balance

  • A personalized plan to help you reach your Career Vision

  • A closer relationship with God

  • A solution to blend both your career and family allowing you to be the leader of your career, grow it, and balance life

Are you ready for this transformation? 

Once you sign up for the program, you will receive a gift box in the mail, full of special items to prepare and help you for our time together. 


How do you sign up?

Schedule your Breakthrough Call by clicking on the button below. From there you will be directed to a calendar where you can sign up for our free call!

Jasmine, Federal Government Employee

Now, I have a more permanent schedule, which allows me to work a set schedule in the office, so I can be home with my new baby.

Toya, Chief Creative Engineer

Latika has been such a blessing...she listens, doesn't judge, she brings clarity and helps me focus. I now have opportunities coming my way that I am slaying my 4th quarter better because of this woman...

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