Are you a Working Mom who desires to get back to your career vision (whether that's in the government or owning your own business), but finds that Work and Life Balance as a Career Driven Woman is a struggle?

Let me tell you that you are not alone!

About 60% of working moms find work and life balance difficult. But, let's work together to find a way where it won't be difficult and you no longer have to struggle.

Have you been: 

  • feeling overwhelmed with the thought that you can not get back to your career vision, because you have to put your family first

  • overwhelmed with balancing work and life

  • desiring to move to the next level of your career, but don't know how to with kids

  • desiring the quality of life you desire

  • overwhelmed with not knowing what career is right for you, knowing you have a family

These feelings are ones that working moms, worldwide, experience one time or another. But, you do not have to feel overwhelmed or feel that you can't have the career you always dreamed of.  It is possible for you to have the career you always dreamed of, not feel like you have to trade your family's time to pursue it, and master the work and life balance to achieve it.  

You can show up in Marriage, Motherhood, and Career being Present, Productive, and Prosperous. 

At Visionary Initiatives, we want to help you get back to your career vision, turn it into an initiative, and master work & life balance.


Here is How We Can Help You:

Enhance the Vision

Coaching & Accountability Program

A 3-month Virtual Program providing support, network, and accountability so you can achieve your Business Vision.

Work It. Life It. Self It. 

A 3-month Virtual Coaching program, using the Boss Mom Foundation to help you get back to your career vision, turn it into an initiative, and master work and life balance



Partnering with you to revise your resume, so it can make the first impression needed to land the job!

Vision Woman Network

The Connection, Collaboration, and Community of Christian Working Moms Pursuing their Business.


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