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Are you a Working Mom who finds Work and Life Balance a struggle?

Let me tell you that you are not alone!

About 60% of working moms find work and life balance difficult. But, let's find a way where it won't be difficult and your daily juggle will help you THRIVE!

As a Working Millennial Mom, you have been

  • experiencing an on-going struggle in balancing work and life

  • feeling overwhelmed, because you do most of the housework, while keeping on top of work priorities

  • desiring to move to the next level of your career, but don't know how to with kids

  • desiring the quality of life you desire


All of which, we as working moms, experience one time or another. But, I am here to tell you, that you can THRIVE. 

You can show up in Marriage, Motherhood, and Career being Present, Productive, and Prosperous. 

I want to help you Change your Daily Struggle into a Managing and Thriving Lifestyle. 


Choose which option below works best for you...

Work It. Life It. Self It. 

Our Exclusive 12-Week Virtual Coaching Program that is the only Career and Life Management Solution designed to help Working Moms take control of their lives, so they can have peace and harmony, excel at work and home, and become a Boss Mom.  

Boss Mom Academy 

An Intimate 6-Week Proverbs 31 Training Experience Preparing Working Moms for Work & Life Balance so they can have a Successful Marriage, Great Motherhood Experience, and Rewarding Career without it all falling apart, while putting God first.