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Based in the Washington, DC metropolitan area, Visionary Initiatives, LLC is a Career and Personal Development Organization providing Strategy, Consulting, Coaching, and Training. We are dedicated to the Career Development of Law Enforcement, Information Technology, and Professional Services employees, particularly their working mothers. 

Since March 2020, the IT, Law Enforcement, and Professional Services industries around the world have experienced the "she-session," where millions of working women have left the workforce due to a lack of childcare during the COVID-19 pandemic. It has been our mission to help the organizations affected retain their current working moms with work-life balance, career mobility, increased employee satisfaction, and improve succession planning while creating strategies to increase their attractiveness as a place for working moms to work. 
We believe that all women should get back to their Career Vision, with the right career growth and work-life balance that fits their needs; while providing them with the coaching to get there and helping their organizations create systems and strategies to retain them. 

What Makes Us Different? 

Our Founder, Latika Vines, is a working mother of 4. It wasn't until she was diagnosed with post-partum depression that she realized that her unhappiness was the result of unclear career mobility, along with a lack of work-life balance. Once she was able to create the system and strategy to do both, she made it her mission to help other working moms. Thus, Visionary Initiatives not only provides the most up-to-date career development strategies to assist working mothers towards career mobility, but it's a company that is centered around the experience of what working mothers go through in male-dominated industries.

Our Mission

Our mission is to lead Working Moms to Grow in their Careers while strengthening their Organizations to Retain them. 

Our Vision 

To be the Premier National Career, Organization, and Personal Development Provider for all male-dominated industries.

Our Core Values 

1. To empower sustainable success 
2. To provide qualitative and innovative strategies and systems
3. To support our clients, industry, and the economy

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