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Latika Vines was ranked #29 as Top 40 Coaches to Follow in 2019

by One-Click Lindsey


You Are Here Because...

  • you are experiencing an on-going struggle in balancing work and life, and still manage your sense of identity; 

  • you seriously have felt overwhelmed lately, because you do most of the household work, while trying to keep up with priorities at work;

  • you have become resentful of your husband because he can be promoted at work with ease and you can't because you are a woman with kids;

  • and/or you need flexibility to be with your kids, but worry that you will be passed up for a promotion because you are not visible.


And, all you want to do is...

  • spend quality time with your kids and family

  • not feel guilty for choosing a career and be successful in your career

  • keep your house clean and keep up with the laundry

  • not be so stressed out due to the demands of motherhood and working outside of the home


As a Working Millennial Mom, myself, I truly have felt the above emotions and even reacted emotionally towards my husband, loved ones, and colleagues, because I was swimming in defeat and didn't see a way out. That's when my journey of change occurred. I had to change defeat into victory. 


Hi, I'm Latika. I'm a Christian Career Strategist helping working millennial moms get promoted in the career they love, so they can achieve success, while having a balance lifestyle.  


A Little About Me

Before I had kids, I traveled once a month for work. I stayed late and went to the networking events and sometimes, happy hour. Work and life balance, at that time, was not a necessity for me. And, then I got pregnant with my daughter and the world changed. I started to think about how I was going to be a good mom, while moving up in my career. My needs of work and life balance changed, I actually needed it! So, I decided to look for another job that would allow me the opportunity to work remotely at home, so I can be there for my daughter. And, then I got pregnant again. I started to panic again on how I was going to be a mom of two girls and get to the next level in my career. And the part that hit me hardest was that all of my supervisors had a grandparent taking care of their one child, so they couldn't relate to me or help me. I struggled because I had to change my schedule constantly to meet the needs of my two children. I had to miss networking events and happy hour; going on travel; and I even couldn't participate in committees and special projects because I had a time that I needed to be out of the office to get to my children before 6pm. And, then I had baby #3 and then #4. My world and needs totally changed. I went and left jobs to find the right fit for me to enjoy motherhood, enjoy being a wife, and enjoy my career and it was hard. After having my 4th child, I fell emotionally and physically and was diagnosed with having post partum depression. After being diagnosed, I had to realize that I couldn't do it all by myself.  I needed help! I needed to understand that I am only one person and even though I want it all, I couldn't do it all at once. So, I had to cry, then wipe my tears, and figure out my next steps and determine what I wanted most out of my life. I had to put some strategies in action to balance life with my kids and husband and get creative and organized with my time, so that I can get to the next level in my career. I learned how to be visible and still leave the office on time to pick up all four of my kids. It took determination and courage to get to a place of achieving success in both home and work!

I want to help you lift the overwhelming and exhausted feeling of motherhood, so you can enjoy every moment with your kids, not regret choosing to have a career, and create the balance your life needs, so you can get to the next level in your career.

So how can you create such a lifestyle and get promoted?

It's time to decide which option works best for you!

A Christian 

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