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Welcome to Visionary Initiatives, LLC! 

Visionary Initiatives, LLC (VIL) is the premiere Career & Workforce Development Organization committed to leading working moms to achieve their Career Visions. Our organization is dedicated to providing learning strategies, policies, and programs that support the career development and retention of working mothers. As a team, we understand the unique challenges that working mothers face, and we offer tailored solutions to help them be successful and fulfilled.

Since September 2018, we have proudly served Private and Non-Profit Professional Services (e.g. Information Technology, Marketing, Finance, Project Management, Human Resource Management, etc...) working moms and their organizational leaders. 

Our top Initiatives include: 

1. Empowering Working Moms
2. No Working Mom Left Behind
3. Workforce Development Consulting

Contact Us today to learn how we can support you and your workplace.

VIL began in September 2018, and was initially intended to support working moms in being strategic with their Career Visions while having a healthy work-life balance. Although we continue to support working moms, through our coaching and training initiatives, we have expanded VIL to include organizational consulting, to ensure that CEO's, leaders, and managers can strategically develop their workforce to be more inclusive of their working moms, retain their working moms, and engage their working moms for a better bottom line/profit and culture.

Meet the Team

Visionary Initiatives, LLC is a team of professionals dedicated to empowering working moms to align their work-life balance and career aspirations with God. Additionally, we work collaboratively with organizations to create growth opportunities and strengthen retention strategies. Meet the team that will curate events and other services to help you reach your God-given potential.


Latika Vines

Chief Workforce Developer +

Working Mom Empowerer

corey vines.jpg

F. Corey Vines

Chief Operating Officer and

Business Development Advisor

lynnecia headshot.jpg

Lynnecia S. Eley

Strategic Initiatives Partner

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower Working Moms to achieve their Careers Visions by strengthening their Organizations to retain them through collaboration and growth.

Our Vision 


To be a strategic growth partner to organizational leaders empowering them to be a more inclusive and supportive workplace for working mothers. 

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