Based in the Washington, DC metropolitan area, Visionary Initiatives, LLC is a Career Development & Coaching Organization dedicated to teaching working moms in the Federal Government how to transform their career visions into an initiative through work and life balance. 

We emphasize the need for working moms to prioritize themselves through self-awareness, smart work, and strategy as key pillars of success to master work and life balance and achieve career advancement. 


We believe that all women have a vision as to what their career was going to be and having kids paused that vision and/or made them re-evaluate that vision. At Visionary Initiatives, LLC we coach, mentor, and train working moms how to get back to their initial career vision or help them create one of their own; all while providing them with the support, strategies, and accountability to advance their career while living a balanced lifestyle. 

What Makes Us Different? 

Our motto is to give and show love. We give love to Working moms who are exhausted and overwhelmed with balancing work and life, by providing them with an open and loving atmosphere, filled with kindness, patience, prayer, and laughter. The first commandment given was to show love to others, and we believe that the only way one is to excel in life is if they are shown and given love. When you are shown and given love, you are more equipped to love others and yourself. 

Why Should you Work with Us? 

Biblical principles are used to help you identify, create, and implement your Career Strategic Vision (a one sentence vision statement of where you see your career in the future) and plan and define how you can accomplish the career vision you once had. You are prayed for and with, to ensure you not only carry out the career vision, but that you have a clear Strategy on how it can be accomplished. Additionally, you will have a life management solution to do it all.

Why Should an Organization Hire Us? 

Visionary Initiatives, LLC is a minority and women-owned organization that is operated by moms. We know first hand as to what is involved in balancing work and life in corporate America, as it is a lifestyle that we have had to learn and implement to be successful. We utilize our Organizational Development, Talent Management, and Real-Life experience to empower your employees to build their careers, align their goals with your organizational goals, and understand how work and life balance can be a reality for them, and where it can benefit the organization.

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