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With over fifteen years of Workforce Development and Corporate Training experience, working in both private and public sectors, we solve learning and development, and succession management challenges to retain working mothers. 

Career and Workforce Development

Growth-centered coaching and training programs that facilitate sustainable, short & long-term career growth, while providing a win-win approach for both the employee (working mom) and employer. Check out our Coaching Programs for Working Moms below: 

Learn more about our Workforce Development programs HERE.


Group mentoring program for working mothers providing the connection, community, and accountability to achieve career growth. Learn more HERE

Organizational Development & Strategic Planning

Providing guidance, advice, and processes to help organizations develop, improve efficiency, enhance operations, and drive profitability. Learn more HERE.

Retreat & Keynote Speaking

Empower your audience, through speaking (e.g. conferences, workshops, panels, podcasts, etc...) to go after their God-given dreams and be the Visionary for their life, career, and/or business. Contact Us to see if we are the best fit for your audience HERE

Business Development 

Providing aspiring coaches and consultants with the support, networking, accountability, and coaching to plan and develop a new fulfilling career as a business owner. Learn more HERE

Resume Writing 

Providing job seekers with the communication and presentation of their skills and achievements, enabling them to get to the next level of their career. Learn more HERE.

We also offer strategy sessions and consulting services customized to your needs. Complete the form below to contact us.

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