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National Career Development Month

November 1 - 30, 2022

"empowering working mothers to focus on their future career needs"

National Career Development Month

What is it? 

The National Career Development Association dedicates the month of November for career development professionals to empower employees to focus on their future career needs, with career-related activities. 

Why is it important to us? 

As a Workforce Development organization, this month is important to us because we desire to connect with more working mothers to give them the tools to thrive in their careers. We want every working mother to take advantage of the many resources available for their career success. 

What is our mission during this month? 

To provide additional coaching, courses, events, and other resources for working mothers, prioritizing their career development.

This month, you will receive an increase of support, resources, and availability to empower working mothers to focus on their future career needs.

Check out our additional resources this month

Tips & Strategies - The Visionary

The Visionary is a Career Development Resource Newsletter providing bi-monthly digital Career & Organizational Development Communication for Working Mothers, Human Resource Teams, and Organizational Leaders, with inspiration and empowerment for Career and Organization Growth. This month, our Anniversary issue will feature topics related to the theme: Performance Towards Upward Mobility. Get your copy HERE.

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NEW Career Development Digital Courses

During the week of November 14, 2022, working mothers will have access to four (4) new career development courses to help them focus on their future career needs. The courses will guide them to gain clarity on their Career Vision and receive strategies to get to the next level. Check them out HERE.  

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Networking - Empowerment & Networking Bazaar

Join Latika Vines and three amazing women as they share their experiences and expertise in building your brand and enhancing your career. Gain the opportunity to connect and network with other professional women with diverse backgrounds. Register HERE.

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Monthly Networking - Lunch, Learn, & Networking

Every month, we host a Lunch, Learn, and Networking event that provides Connection, Collaboration, & Community for Christian Working Moms to Pursue their Career Vision. This month, we will focus on the theme, Making Virtual Connections to Increase Career Success. You don't want to miss it! Register HERE

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Throughout the month, working mothers can receive one FREE coaching call to gain personalized tips on networking, career mobility, and work-life balance. Schedule your call HERE. 

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