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Watch one of our Career Tips for Working Moms - Do Not Remain Passive with your Career!

Welcome to our Career & Personal Development Resource Center!


We believe that Career Development involves the development of an employee's skills and knowledge which enables them to plan and make informed decisions about their education, training, and career choices. It also involves having a Strategy, which includes any behavior, activity, or experience, to help employees meet their career goals. In our Career Development Resource Center, we will provide the tools necessary to empower working moms to get back to their Career Vision and stick with it; while providing additional resources for their employers to improve their Workforce Development/Learning & Development Initiatives, Processes, and Programs. 


We use the Frank Parsons theory of matching careers to your talents, skills, and/or personality by using the below Career Development Process/Model to provide the most up-to-date resources:

01. Assessment

Assess what you desire in your Career. We recommend utilizing Self-Discovery exploration with a Career Personality Profile Test. 

02. Exploration

Explore what your Career Vision can look like. Check out the M.I.S. Map to explore. 

03. Preparation

Create a Career Development Strategy which outlines what positions, training, and education you need to pursue your Career Vision.

04. Implementation

Begin implementing your Career Development Strategy.

05. Decision Making

Determine your success and decide how you will proceed further.

Owning Your Career Development

Many working moms are unfamiliar with navigating corporate America while balancing home life. Although they desire to advance in their careers, they are often left with self-doubt, fear, guilt, and imposter syndrome because many organizations are not equipped to support them.


But, today, change your mindset from anxious and doubtful that you can excel in your career to being fulfilled because you are doing something you love and are doing it on purpose.


But, how do you get there?


Below are 7 Steps to Owning your Career Development. They include:

  1. Identify your Career Vision

  2. Map your Goals

  3. Keep Track of your Wins

  4. Identify your Gaps

  5. Gain support from mentors, coaches, and sponsors

  6. Always network

  7. Consider your work-life balance


By following the seven steps you are more likely to take the initiative in developing your career and gaining the support to pursue it.


Find What You Need

Career Planning

Do you understand the importance of having a career plan/strategy? Check out this training to learn why it's important to have a career plan to know where you are going.

Inspirational Wall

Gain the inspiration needed to develop in your career and personally. 

Resume Writing

Are you searching for the perfect job but don't know what to include in your resume? Check out this training to learn how you can make your resume interview ready. 


Have you been feeling stuck in your career progression? Check out this training to hear how you can gain the motivation to get unstuck. 

Career Growth

Are you ready to position yourself for career growth and success? Check out this training to learn how you can leave the door open to many career opportunities. 



The Visionary is a Career Development Resource Newsletter providing bi-monthly digital Career & Organizational Development Communication for Working Mothers and their Managers, with inspiration and empowerment for Career and Organization Growth

In the newest edition, you will gain tips and insight on

  • exploring different career options if you feel where you are currently is not a good fit

  • an encouraging message for working moms as we celebrate Women's History Month 

  • tips on elevating your professional presence online 

  • monthly networking event 

  • how accountability supports your bottom line 

  • our 3rd Anniversary of The Latika Vines Show

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Replay of January's Lunch, Learn, & Networking

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