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The Visionary is a Career Development Resource Newsletter providing bi-monthly digital Career & Organizational Development Communication for Working Mothers, Human Resource Teams, and Organizational Leaders, in the Tech, Law Enforcement, and Professional Services industries, with the inspiration and empowerment for Career and Organization Growth. 

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Curated by Latika Vines, Founder and Chief Workforce Developer of Visionary Initiatives. It is her goal to help both working moms and their organizations GROW through Career Development Workshops, Strategies, and Coaching to increase Employee Satisfaction, Improve Productivity and Retention and provide Career Mobility for the working mom workforce.  And, that's what you will get in this Newsletter - proven strategies you need to GROW! 

If you have been feeling stuck in your career and overwhelmed with how to grow, this is the Newsletter for you. If you have been overwhelmed with how to help your employees grow in their careers and within your organization, then this Newsletter is for you! 

in EACH newsletter you will gain:

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Additionally, we will increase the awareness of Organizations with Workforce Development Initiatives for the Working Mom Workforce. 

This Newsletter is committed to empower, inspire, and highlight stories, career journeys, and all things working moms experience in growing their career; while providing resources for Organizations to develop their working mother workforce. Download the Newsletter TODAY! 

Previous Editions include:

  • Preparing for the Performance Review - November/December 2023

  • Work the Way You Want - July/August 2023

  • Inspired, Informed, and Involved - May/June 2023

  • Elevate your Career with Branding and Accountability - March/April 2023

  • Setting and Achieving Your 2023 Goals - Jan/Feb 2023

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