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Career Development Workshops and Webinars

Providing Employers with the Workshops and Webinars to Develop their Workforce, Set Clear Paths for Mobility, and Improve Employee Satisfaction.

We believe in helping Organizations develop their workforce, set clear paths for employee mobility, and improve employee satisfaction, which will increase employee retention and improve succession planning for working parents. Additionally, our Career Development Workshops and Webinars will help managers and employees clearly define expectations that are specific to the employee's Individual Development Plan and/or Performance Plan (e.g. annual review, etc.) and drive engagement. 

Key Features of our Workshops and Webinars: 

  • Learning Management 

  • Talent Development

  • Career Readiness

  • Career Action Plan

  • Career Assessments

We have taught Career Development Workshops and Webinars using compelling tools and the latest research for over 15 years, and we have been introducing virtual learning to reach dispersed employees.


Listed below are our signature Workshops and Webinars; however, we will customize them to meet the needs of your organization's goals. 


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Get the Career You Want 

3-part Workshop Series

Providing your employees with the 8 step system to plan and implement their Career Plan, while using their transferable skills to progress in your organization

The Benefits of a Non-Traditional Career Path

Providing your employees with the strategies to redefine how they view their career path so they can utilize the skills they have gained to achieve your organization's mission.

Brand Return on Investment.png

Brand ROI

3-part Workshop Series

Providing your employees with the three keys to Identify, Establish, and Position their Brand for Career Growth.

Creating & Owning your IDP

Providing your employees with the three keys to Create their Plan, Align it to your Organization's Mission, and Execute their Plan.

Visibility Roadmap Graph.png

The Visibility


Provide your employees with the insight to gain visibility to advance their careers and organization.

Productivity & Your Time

Providing your employees with the routine habits to manage their time more effeciently by being more intentional and productive.

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Managing Your Career

Providing your employees with a project management approach to managing their careers, staying motivated, and going up the career ladder.

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