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Partnering with organizations to provide their high-performing employees with the tools to develop their career, create a talent pool for the future, and increase employee retention and improve employee satisfaction. 


Career Development Resources

The Career Vision Tool is an employee growth and management resource that will combine competencies, job levels, and career plans for your employees to easily access; while managing their own career development, within your organization.

The Career Vision Tool includes:

  • Self Assessment to Identify The Career that is Right for the Employee

  • Map to All Careers (positions) in Your Organization 

  • Career Plan Development

  • Training Resources for Achieving Career Success

  • Mentoring Program

  • Career Strategy Sessions

  • Collaborate with your Learning Management System

  • Training Resources for Achieving Work & Life Balance

Your team will be equipped with a plethora of self-management tools to plan their career growth within your organization.


Career Development Training

Career Development Workshops and Training Events to promote career growth within your organization.

Career Development Workshops and Training include:

  • The 8 Steps to Plan and Get the Career You Want

  • The 5 Ways to See Yourself Through a New Career Lens

  • Workplace Brand: The 5 Steps to Your Career Development & Standing Out in Your Organization

  • Get the Job: The 3 Strategies to Invest in Myself, So My Company Can Invest in Me


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To unlock the potential of career growth by educating and empowering high-performing working mothers with the opportunity to develop their careers and businesses and providing organizations with the tools to sustain and grow their employees.


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