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What Clients Are Saying

Resume Writing Service

Latika provided exceptional services through the transition of my career. She enabled me to elevate my professional image beyond my own understanding. She exudes professionalism with grace and solitude due to her experience, attitude and heart. I always enjoy working with her. I’m grateful to have her in my network of exceptional professionals, coaches and speakers due to her multifaceted skills and abilities.

Anika Wilson, M.S.

CEO, Nobody Greater, LLC

Working with Latika has made me more marketable...Latika is knowledge, patient, kind, and easy to work with.

Karen Edmond

Account Manager

Having Latika's guidance and feedback has empowered me to delegate tasks, put systems in place, and to follow through on both...she is honest, transparent, and authentic. She will definitely tell you where to tighten up, how to make it happen and empower you with the tools to do so, all in love and tact.

Sadija Smiley, MBA


Visionary Initiatives brought clarity and direction to the team during our Vision Board party; helping us to establish a great vision for 2021.

Lisa Pinder, 

The Pinder Group

What a great time creating my vision board. Great information to focus on goals. This will truly help me to focus and meet the goal for 2021. Planning will help all my visions. 

The Pinder Group

Turned our weaknesses into strengths. Learned that our team members have some of the same fears.

The Pinder Group

Organizational Development Consulting

Coaching for Working Moms

We have weekly meetings where she has been helping me balance my business and personal dreams, hopes, and ambitions. Latika listens, doesn't judge, she brings clarity and helps me focus...I now have opportunities coming my way that I am slaying to make my 4th quarter better, because of this woman.

Toya Rivera

Chief Creative Engineer