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Latika S. Vines

CEO, Visionary Initiatives, LLC

Latika Vines is your Career Development Strategist/Learning Officer and Work-Life Balance Advocate & Educator partnering with Tech, Law Enforcement, and Professional Services Organizations to develop their Workforce, particularly their Working Mothers, through Career Development Workshops, Strategies, and Coaching to increase Employee Satisfaction, Improve Productivity and Retention and provide Career Mobility.

Latika Vines is the Founder of Visionary Initiatives, LLC, a Career Development and Coaching Organization promoting Career and Organizational Development. 

Delivering customized solutions for high-performing Working Mothers to successfully balance life, so they can grow in their career; while providing Organizations with the tools to develop the careers of their high-performing working mothers to create a talent pool for succession management and increase employee retention and satisfaction.
Latika has fifteen years of experience in coaching, mentoring, and training individuals to advance their career from Team Member to Senior Executive Service; and has designed, managed, facilitated/instructed, and evaluated Career Development Workshops and Technical Training for the private and public sectors. She has a strong passion for Organizational Development, in which, she has developed and implemented a Career Roadmap Tool (a Microsoft SharePoint Tool for personnel to know how to get from Academy/Entry Level to SES in the Agency) for Law Enforcement Agents, Officers, and Civilians, and a Talent Pool for Succession Planning. 
Latika is the author of "Getting the Career You Want - A Self-Guided Career Planning Journal to assist you in Discovering the Career You Want and How to Achieve it;" where she gives you step-by-step direction on how to create your own Career Plan to Success. 
Latika is certified in Human Capital Strategist, Strategic Workforce Planning, and Performance Consulting for Trainers. It has always been Latika's lifetime goal of being a Chief Learning Officer and through her work at Visionary Initiatives, LLC, she has transformed her career vision into an initiative.  Latika is also the International Association of Women - Waldorf Chapter President, helping women in the Southern Maryland area achieve their career and business goals.

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Work History

  • Taught over 100 Working Moms how to establish balance in their life, so they can overcome the overwhelm of managing a marriage, motherhood, and their career

  • Coached and mentored 50 Federal Government employees in getting to the next level in their Career., from GS-14 (first-line supervisor) to Executive positions

  • Impacted over 50 business-driven women to follow and stick to the Vision God has given them

  • Coaching business-driven women to Enhance the Vision God has given them, create strategic initiatives to achieve it, and implement the Vision, while living a balanced lifestyle

  • Created a Career Development Tool for 20, 000 Law Enforcement personnel and civilians to identify, plan, and prepare their government career progression

  • Coaching Working Moms in Government how to get back to the Career Vision they once had, and turn it into an initiative (action) through Work & Life Balance

  • Written and Revised Public and Private Sector and Executive Level Resumes for Federal Government, Academia, Retail, and Engineering industries

Training & Certifications

  • Work & Life Balance Training

  • Creating Conditions for Others to Thrive

  • Human Capital Strategist (Human Capital Institute) 

  • Strategic Workforce Planning  (Human Capital Institute) 

  • Performance Consulting for Trainers (The Training Clinic)


Training & Speaking

  • Expert Talk: From Loosing Control to Being in Control

  • Navigating Back to School 

  • Creating & Owning an Individual Development Plan

  • Getting into a Leadership Development Program

  • Progressing in Your Career

  • Passion for an Individual's Career Success

  • Living in Her Truth/Living on Purpose


Other Notable Mentions

Latika Vines was ranked #29 as Top 40 Coaches to Follow in 2019 by One-Click Lindsey