Latika S. Vines

CEO, Boss Mom Coach, Podcast Host, Trainer, Author,  Speaker, Event Host

Latika Vines is a Christian Life & Career Strategist a.k.a Boss Mom Coach who is dedicated to helping working moms and government organizations master work and life balance so they can THRIVE.  She guides them in gaining clarity on their purpose and what they want out of life, and creates a partnership with them to transform that vision into an initiative (action)! Latika believes that the vision of a successful life & career is inside of all of us, but sometimes help is needed to turn that vision into reality, with an attainable plan. She is here to help you with that plan! 


With over ten years of Career Development experience, Latika has designed, managed, facilitated/instructed, and evaluated Career Development Workshops and Technical Training for the private and public sectors. Additionally, Latika has mentored and coached government professionals from GS-13 to Senior Executive Service (SES) to get to the next level in their career and/or organization. She has a strong passion for Organizational Development, in which, she has developed and implemented a Career Roadmap Tool (a Microsoft SharePoint Tool for personnel to know how to get from Academy/Entry Level to SES in the Agency) for Law Enforcement Agents, Officers, and Civilians, and a Talent Pool for Succession Planning. Utilizing that experience and knowledge, Latika founded Visionary Initiatives, LLC, A Career Development and Coaching Organization, where she provides similar training and Career Guidance to organizations.


Latika is the author of "Getting the Career You Want - A Self-Guided Career Planning Journal to assist you in Discovering the Career You Want and How to Achieve it;" where she gives you step-by-step direction on how to create your own Career Plan to Success. 


Latika is certified in Human Capital Strategist, Strategic Workforce Planing, and Performance Consulting for Trainers. Latika is the mother of four girls and married to the love of her life; and happily lives in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. 

What Qualifies Latika to Help You with Getting the Career You Want?

  • Certifications in:

    • Human Capital Strategist (Human Capital Institute) 

    • Strategic Workforce Planning  (Human Capital Institute) 

    • Performance Consulting for Trainers (The Training Clinic)

  • Instructed Individuals in: 

    • Creating & Owning an Individual Development Plan

    • Getting into a Leadership Development Program

    • Progressing in Your Career

  • Passion for an Individual's Career Success

  • Living in Her Truth/Living on Purpose

  • Latika Vines was ranked #29 as Top 40 Coaches to Follow in 2019 by One-Click Lindsey

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