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The 30 Day Accelerator Program will teach you the Boss Mom Foundation needed to Create and Master Work & Life Balance

Does this sound familiar? 

"my supervisor expects me to be constantly online since we are working from home, but I have to spend time with my family for part of the day?"

"I'm still struggling with overwhelm and can't seem to find balance throughout the day."

"I can't get a handle on house stuff, spending time with my family, and working at the same time." 

As your Boss Mom Coach, I will help you create and master work and life balance in 30 days,

so you can:

no longer feel lost in the direction of working from home with the kids

reduce the overwhelm and stress of balancing it all

increase the amount of time you are present with your family

be more in control  

gain balance


Here's what I have learned as a working mom of 4 young girls and juggling it all:

I can't do it all at the same time, but if I plan properly, I can do it all

Guilt is real, but there is a way to overcome


Jealously of what other moms can do with their kids will get me nowhere, so I can't compare myself


My supervisor doesn't know my struggles, unless I tell them 


I don't have to choose between my career and my kids, I can do both with a plan I am comfortable with 

In the 30 Day Accelerator Program, you will: 

Week 1: Identify the reason you can not find balance in your day

Week 2: Identify the tools to help you balance work and life

Week 3: Create a strategy that will allow you to balance

Week 4: Identify how you will give yourself some Tender Loving Care (Self-Care)

With 3 Bonus Courses: 

Surviving in the Midst of a Storm

Working from Home with the Kids

Navigating Your Career at Home

These bonuses will provide additional knowledge to help you navigate working from home during the storm (pandemic) we are in. 

Your investment for this 30 Day Program is 

Early Bird $676   

Regular $797 (or 4 payments of 200)

Payment options are available


3 Reasons You Are Not Finding Balance in Your Day

You are trying to do everything in 24 hours

You are not taking time to breather, or rest, or just take a break

You are trying to work while educating your kids at the same time and in the same space


When will the Program start? 

Complimentary Session on Sunday, July 26, 2020 @ 5pm EST

Where will it be held? 

Virtually, using Zoom

How will it work? 

You will attend 4 live coaching sessions that will include training, discussion, and activities to guide you in creating work and life balance

Each coaching session will be held on Tuesday evenings from 8pm to 9:30pm EST

You will receive email support during the entire 30 Day Program

You will participate in a private community for 30 Days (complimentary) to receive the support and accountability

Are you ready to create work and life

balance in 30 days?

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