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Curriculum Vitae


Your Resume and Cover Letter are the first impression potential employers have of you. And, that first impression can be the last or lasting one! Therefore, it is imperative they are the best they can be. 

The Resume Writing Service will communicate and present your targeted list of skills and achievements, that are tailored to your desired job, on paper. It involves discussing with you to learn who you are, what you want out of your career, and design a solution that best fits your experience, expertise, and skill set. 

Each resume package includes a Job Search Techniques Checklist, which guides you in finding and landing the job you desire. 

Having a professional written resume by Visionary Initiatives, will: 

  1. Present your unique skill set and blend of experience in the best light

  2. Boost your self-confidence by helping you to understand your personal brand

  3. Help you stand out from the crowd and get the interview

  4. Tailor the style, layout, and format to you, the industry, and job you are looking for

  5. Emphasize your value proposition through measurable accomplishments



Choose below which option is best for your career needs...

Standard Package

The Resume Service - Standard Package includes: 

  • Professionally Written Resume (to include keyword optimization to fit your industry)

  • Follow-Up Email/Letter

  • Job Search Technique Checklist

  • Interview Guide

Full Service

The Resume Service - Full Service Package includes:

  • All Services in Standard Package

  • Thank you Email/Letter

  • Interview Coaching

  • Job Search Strategy Session

  • Practice your Brand/30-Second Elevator Pitch

  • Utilizing your Network and Events to Get Your Next Job Training

  • Assistance with Identifying your References

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