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Latika Vines was ranked #29 as Top 40 Coaches to Follow in 2019

by One-Click Lindsey

The first step to managing all on your to-do list, to receive work and life balance, is to take an inventory of where you are spending your time, the roles you play, and the areas you value the most. Take the Work It. Life It. Self It. Assessment to discover your Work and Life Balance gaps.

I know it is difficult balancing work and life as a millennial working mom, but I want to encourage you that it can be done successfully, without the overwhelming and exhausting feeling of climbing the career ladder and risk having time to spend with your family! 

Let's work together to create the life you desire in

balancing family and have the career you dream of!

You don't have to struggle alone!

Hey, Working Mommy!

Hi! I'm Latika. I am a Christian Career Strategist helping working millennial moms get promoted in the career they love so they can achieve success, while having a balanced lifestyle.


I used to be her! Her who doubted that I could have a career and be a Mom at the same time. I am a wife, mother of four girls under the age of 8, and had (what I thought) a satisfying career, until the day I realized that it was hard juggling work priorities, with home priorities. In 7 years, I accepted and quickly left 5 different positions because I was looking for work and life balance, and the employers were not ready for the flexibility I needed to mesh my family life with work. It got so bad that I was diagnosed with having Post-Partum Depression, a few months after having my fourth child. I was breastfeeding her, while helping two with homework, potty training another one, trying to spend time with my husband, and be a top performer at work (which was a male dominated environment). I had all types of mom guilt and wanted to quit my job, since I wasn't getting the support there. But, instead of quitting, I decided to prioritize my needs and wants (I wanted a career and be the best mom to my four kids and be the best wife to my husband) and begin to refocus and get organized with my time, energy, and reduce my stress.  I had to change! And, that is what I am here to help you with, CHANGE, so that you can Balance your Family Life, Spend Time with your Husband and Kids, Complete the Laundry, and Get to the next level in Your Career! Are you ready to start this journey of change?


Click HERE to Get on My Calendar to get you Started in Excelling at Work and at Home!


What if you could...

Establish ways to save your time, energy, money, and reduce stress.

Have Less Stress

Create a strategic path to help you receive the promotion and/or next level in your career.

Be on a Path to Job Promotion

Implement a lifestyle to spend time with your family and excel in your career.

Achieve Work & Life Balance

Click HERE to get started in creating the lifestyle you desire to excel at home and at work!



"I had a great experience with Visionary-Initiatives. I worked with Latika Vines on a resume and cover letter. She was professional and always willing to work with me. She makes you think beyond what's on the surface. After my initial interview with her, I began to look at my life differently. One of my things she told me, "Begin to start thinking like a supervisor". So, I have been and it has changed my outlook on my career."    

---Jasmine, Law Enforcement Agent