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Providing Working Moms in the Government with the Tools to Go After Their Career Vision, so They Can Reach their Potential of Being a Boss Mom

Are you unhappy with where you are in your career?

Are you afraid of going after your career because you don't know how you can be a successful career woman and raise a family?

Are you unable to balance work and life and ensure your happiness?

You are not alone!

60% of working moms are experiencing the same difficulty

and I was one of them! 



Hi, I'm Latika, Boss Mom Coach, Author, Career Development Professional, Visionary Speaker and Podcast Host

After being diagnosed with post partum depression with my fourth child, I realized that I was unhappy because I wasn't fulfilling my own dreams. I put my own needs and desires on the back burner, so that I could help everyone else flourish in their dreams. This resulted in me being resentful, unhappy, and eventually depressed. After receiving the necessary help, I discovered that I needed to get back to what made me happy - which was my career; my dreams and desires. Thus, I developed a foundation that has allowed me to gain the confidence and clarity for the direction of my career, allowing me to balance family and myself. I have been able to use that foundation to aid me to continue achieving my career vision and I want to show you how you can too! As your Boss Mom Coach, I will share the tools and SYSTEMS you need to: 

  • Get on Track to Pursue Your Career Vision

  • Eliminate Overwhelm and Simplify Your Life 

  • Create a Work & Life Balance Strategy

Allowing You to Gain the Time to be Present with your Family, More Productive with Your Time & Resources, and Prosperous in Your Career

Here is How I Can Help You:

Discover what is preventing you from achieving your Career Vision and determine how we can work together to create a solution to balance it all and be the Boss Mom you desire to be.

Use immediate strategies to create and master work and life balance, allowing you to focus on your happiness and your career.

Using my 14 years of Career Development experience and 8 years of Resume Writing experience (in Academia, Federal, and Retail), I will create a resume that highlights your accomplishments and positions you as the industry expert. 

By Working with Me, I will Show You 3 Things:

  1. You are more than a mother, you are a career driven woman who has a vision

  2. You can be productive with your time and resources, but it takes being aware of who you are; working smarter and not harder; and creating a strategy that blends both life and work

  3. You have the strategies in front of you to balance work and life, I just guide you how to use them


Are you ready to get started?​

Sadija, CEO S.A.I.L.S

Having Latika's guidance and feedback has empowered me to delegate tasks, put systems in place, and to follow through on both...she is honest, transparent, and authentic. She will definitely tell you where to tighten up, how to make it happen and empower you with the tools to do so, all in love and tact.

Toya, Chief Creative Engineer

We have weekly meetings where she has been helping me balance my business and personal dreams, hopes, and ambitions. Latika listens, doesn't judge, she brings clarity and helps me focus...I now have opportunities coming my way that I am slaying to make my 4th quarter better, because of this woman

Karen, Account Manager

Working with Latika has made me more marketable...Latika is knowledge, patient, kind, and easy to work with.

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