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Unlocking Potential Career & Organizational Growth

Visionary Initiatives provides Career and Organizational Growth experiences for Working Mothers, Corporations, and Small Businesses. We design, develop, and deliver Career Growth training, coaching, and workshops that lead to desired results. Our programs propel the target audience to gain Clarity on their Career Vision and have the Confidence to turn it into an Initiative (action) so they can grow.

With over 15 years of Career and Training & Development and Organizational Development experience, we have created and led training and coaching programs to help employees grow, and want to bring our expertise to you and your organization.

How Can Our Initiatives Serve You?

Use The Life & Career Management Solution to successfully balance work, life, and yourself, so you can grow your career.

Use immediate strategies to develop your employees, create a talent pool, and increase retention and improve employee satisfaction.

Creating resumes that highlight  accomplishments, while positioning you as the industry expert. 

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Providing guidance, advice, and processes to help Organizations develop, improve efficiency, enhance operations, and drive profitability.

Working Mom

Providing career coaching for working moms to help them successfully balance life and lead and grow their career. 

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Providing the design, development, implementation, and management of customized training programs for Succession Planning & Training, and Career/Workforce Development 


Partnering with Organizations and Working Moms to unlock potential Career and Organizational Growth by Turning their Visions into an Initiative - making them actionable, attainable, and advantegous

CEO, Latika Vines is a Proactive, Performance Driven Career Development Strategist with over 15 years of progressive Training Specialist and Organizational & Career Development experience in the Federal Government; including creating and managing leadership development programs, creating strategic plans and programs for organizational growth, and coaching and developing career paths for both law enforcement and civilian personnel. 

Latika has completed the Human Capital Strategist (Human Capital Institute), Training Performance for Consultants, and Strategic Workforce Planning (Human Capital Institute) certifications. Additionally, she serves as the President of the Waldorf Chapter of the International Association of Women and is the Founder of Vision Women Network. 

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