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So they can thrive in their marriage, motherhood, and career; stop feeling overwhelmed; and reach their potential as Boss Moms.

Helping Organizations and Working Moms Master Work & Life Balance 

The balancing act of a working mom is REAL. Between the dishes, diapers, helping the kids with homework, projects at the office, exercising, and spending time with your husband, it can be a JUGGLE.


And as an Employer, it's vital to provide a working mom the strategies and opportunities to balance her many roles of being a mother, wife, and employee, so she can be focused and get her job done, all while staying in her position - retaining your talent. 

But, instead of it being a JUGGLE, what if the balancing act was possible?


What if instead of being pulled in a million and one directions with mom guilt that you aren't doing enough or spending enough time with your family, you are able to manage your various roles and not put so much pressure on yourself? 


What if you had the tools and strategies to manage, where there is time for God, your husband, the kids, family, and friends, all while following the career you want? 


How would your life be different?



Hi, I'm Latika

I am The Life & Career Strategist helping Working Moms master Work and Life Balance so they can quit surviving and start thriving - be more Present, Productive, and Prosperous in their Marriage, Motherhood, and Career, reaching their potential of being a Boss Moms. 

After having 4 children, being a wife, and going up the career ladder to meet my own Pre-Children Career Goals, and struggling with the concept of work and life balance, I have uncovered a Life & Career Management Solution for the success of working moms to Manage Life Better, Build their Career, and Get Promoted, becoming the Boss Mom they are destined to be! 

I work with working moms who are struggling with the mom guilt of wanting to go up the career ladder, but are unsure about trading their family time for a promotion. I help them to be more confident, so they can be more present, productive, and prosperous in their Marriage, Motherhood, and Career, without it all falling apart. 


I would love to learn more about you and discover the barriers that are preventing you from being the Boss Mom you are meant to be. 

I want to Help You to Quit Surviving as a Working Mom and Start Thriving as a Boss Mom - A Mom who Manages Life Better, Builds Her Career, and Gets Promoted to Boss!

Being more confident in having it all, without it falling apart starts with Strengthening your Core,

with the Boss Mom Foundation - the Framework we use to help you to begin Thriving in your Marriage, Motherhood, & Career!

Knowing the Foundation to a Thriving Life & Career will only allow you to be more Present, Productive, and Prosperous.

I will work with you one-on-one to ensure you have what it takes to Thrive! 

Download "Boss Moms Can Have It All" E-Book to Learn how the Boss Mom Foundation can Help You to Have It All, Without It All Falling Apart

What Our Clients Have to Say

"Latika has been such a blessing. We have weekly meetings where she has been helping me balance my business and personal life...my dreams, hopes, and ambitions. I have been diagnosed with ADD and have a hard time focusing...Latika listens, doesn't judge, she brings clarity and helps me focus...I now have opportunities coming my way that I am slaying to make my 4th quarter better, because of this woman. If you are a woman, mom, you need to contact Latika. She will get you on the path to success." 


"Thank You to Visionary Initiatives for presenting at our first ever Career Vision Board Party, helping the area residents learn how to make critical moves on their jobs and grow their businesses. It was an enlightened experience and I got valuable input for my own business as well."


Are you ready to gain the confidence to thrive in your Marriage, Motherhood, and Career, stop feeling overwhelmed, and reach your potential as a Boss Mom?