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September 2022 Issue Available Now

The Importance of Improving & Gaining Skills for Career Success
  • Identify the Top 5 Skills for Career Success

  • Tips for Employee Development Program Engagement

  • Identify how to Improve &/or Gain Skills

Your Partner for Organizational and Career Development Training, Strategy, Consulting, and Career Coaching for Working Moms

 Career Mobility | Retention | Employee Satisfaction | Inclusiveness | Work-Life Balance

Moving working mothers and organizations from:

  • overwhelmed to clear and focused 

  • ​career roadblocks to achieving the next level 

  • feeling alone to having support and a system

  • struggling to manage life and work to create a system

  • lacking presence to command the board room

  • lack of retention to an increase in employee satisfaction

  • under-utilized workforce to high-performing talent pool

Our Partners

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Why work with us?

  • access to tailored career coaching for working mothers

  • experience enhancing workforce development with organizations in federal law enforcement and professional services

  • personal experience being a working mother


"Latika provided exceptional services through the transition of my career. She enabled me to elevate my professional image beyond my own understanding. She exudes professionalism with grace and solitude due to her experience, attitude, and heart. I always enjoy working with her. I’m grateful to have her in my network of exceptional professionals, coaches, and speakers due to her multifaceted skills and abilities."
-  Anika Wilson, M.S. - CEO, Nobody Greater, LLC


Colleagues in Hallway

3-in-1 Coaching Program for Working Moms, The Leader Within

Providing quality personal, career, and leadership coaching for working moms to confidently lead themselves, lead others, and lead within their organizations. Increasing workforce retention, promoting diversity, and developing the working mom workforce to pursue leadership positions.

Career & Professional Development Workshops & Webinars 

We are here to unlock career potential, refresh professional initiatives, and help the working mom workforce develop and manage their careers through virtual and in-person training.

Business Meeting

Workforce Development Consulting

We equip your workforce with the strategies to achieve their career goals, with our group coaching, career assessments, leadership development, workshops, and inspirational speaking, for increased confidence, skill, and cohesion in your workplace.

Organizational Development Consulting

We guide, advise, and create processes to help Organizations develop, improve efficiency, enhance operations, and drive profitability with our three-phased approach while being inclusive of their working mom workforce in their strategic planning.

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Virtual Team Meeting

Visionary University -
The Learning Management System for Working Moms

Equipping working moms and organization leaders with the growth tools and strategies to turn their Visions into Initiatives (ACTION) through training and coaching programs! We utilize personal experience, training, and education to bring you the best growth solutions.



Complete the form to contact us to learn more about our services or to ask us a question. If you are ready to discuss how we may serve you, click the button below to schedule your Breakthrough call at a time that is convenient for you. We look forward to talking with you soon!