Professional Woman

How Would Your Life Change if You Could Have a Fulfilling

 Career, and Balance Life as a 

Working Mother?


Have you wondered how you could have a career you love and be a working mom? Do you question how you would find the time to do it all, and not feel like you have to trade your career for your family or vice versa?

Through research, personal experience, and client experiences, we've learned that the main reason working moms are not able to have a fulfilling career is fear. We are fearful of how we will balance our home life with work. We are fearful of spending too many hours at work, and not enough hours at home. But, yet we are unhappy with the jobs we have (or the mommy track we have been placed on). Too many of us continue to live in a life of unbalance and unhappiness while allowing fear to rule us. 


But, we were created with a Vision. A Vision of where we see our career and how we want to live our life. And, with a clear plan to achieve the Vision, the time to accomplish it, and the support to get through it, you can turn that Vision into an Initiative! 

Visionary Initiatives is here to help you!

With over 14 years of Career and Training & Development experience, we have developed, led, and managed programs to assist employees in being the leader of their career and unlocking their potential growth. We are here to help you have a fulfilling career and balance life by teaching you how to create a plan to achieve your Career Vision and become organized and productive with your time, so you can be happy and do what you love.

Our motto:

Get back to your Career Vision and Turn it into an Initiative


Here is How We Can Help You:

Use The Life & Career Management Solution to successfully balance work, life, and yourself, so you can grow your career.

Use immediate strategies to develop your employees, create a talent pool, and increase retention and improve employee satisfaction.

Creating resumes that highlight  accomplishments, while positioning you as the industry expert. 

Let's work together to Develop a tangible plan to fulfill your career vision, while being organized and productive with your time.

Equipping Christian Women with the Connection, Collaboration, and Community to Get Unstuck with their Goals.

Learn how you can become more organized and productive, so that you can have the time to fulfill your Career Vision.

Visionary Initiatives provides Career, Workforce Development, Training & Development and Organizational Development training, coaching and consulting for Working Mothers, Government Agencies, and Small Businesses. We deliver customized solutions for high-performing Working Mothers to successfully balance life and develop and grow in their career; while providing Organizations with the tools to develop the careers of their high-performing employees to create a talent pool for succession management and increase employee retention and satisfaction.

Through Virtual Coaching, we educate and empower high-performing working mothers, specifically in the Federal Government, to develop and grow their career with a career plan, while showing them how to balance work and life (their motherhood journey), using The Life & Career Management Solution - our proven system to help working moms be the leader of their life and be the leader of their career through organized and productive time management.  

Through our Consulting and Training Services, we dive deep into the Growth Vision and Potential of the Organization, ensuring that it is an initiative; while providing them with the tools to sustain their employees, so they can thrive.

We empower you to reach and unlock your vision and turn it into an initiative!


To unlock the potential of career advancement by educating and empowering high-performing working mothers with the opportunity to develop their careers and providing organizations with the tools to sustain and grow them.


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