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finding the courage


Have you been discouraged in finding another job? Are you comfortable where you are, and may be a little fearful of the unknown, but know that you need to find another job? Are you afraid to start something new?

Starting something new can be scary; but it is necessary. It is necessary for your growth. But, that growth needs courage to take the first step. The Merriam-Webster, Inc. Dictionary defines courage as the “mental or moral strength to venture, persevere, and withstand danger, fear, or difficulty.” So, you may ask yourself “how do I build the courage or strength to change my job and do something that I will be satisfied with?” To have courage or strength, you must first identify any behaviors or thinking that is causing you to not have the courage to get a new position; then change your mindset to deny it; and then do the opposite of it. Let’s explore how you can do this.

       1. Define your fear:

The Merriam-Webster, Inc. Dictionary defines fear as an anxious concern; or to be afraid or apprehensive. What is your anxious concern for getting a new job? What are you afraid of to get a new job? Why is that preventing you from believing in yourself? Why is this your fear? Where did the fear come from?

       2. Deny your fear:

Now that you know what your fear is, deny it! Tell your fear that you won’t let it stop you from doing what you are destined to do. Determine that you won’t allow anything to change your mind.

       3. Identify your Faith

The opposite of fear is courage; but in order to have courage, you must have faith that you are able to do anything, exceedingly and abundantly. I want you to believe that you can get whatever job you desire, as long as you put the work in to acquire it. Tell yourself that you were not destined to fear, but destined to have the power to get your next job.


Focus and meditate on your next job. Every day and night, repeat affirmations to yourself, such ast the following:

“I Got This!”

“I Am Important Enough!”

“I am Equipped to do Well!”

“I believe in Me!”

“I am going to get that next job!”


When you focus on what you believe in, you will have success from it.  Write affirmations (positive, courage-filled sayings) and put it where you can and will read it every day. Saying your affirmations will change your mindset to believe that you can achieve that next job. Stop being comfortable; stretch yourself; move out of your comfort zone; and get the job that you desire and deserve.  


“God, give me grace to accept with serenity the things that cannot be changed, Courage to change the things which should be changed, and the Wisdom to distinguish the one from the other.” -Serenity Prayer

Do you still have questions? Would you like more information on how we can help you acquire the courage to get your next job? 



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