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Celebrate Black History 365 Days a Year

As an organizational leader, you can celebrate and be more inclusive of your Black employees 365 days of the year. Initiating a cultural shift to be more inclusive will emphasize the need for all employees to feel heard and seen. Below are some things you can do to celebrate Black History throughout the year:

  • Start a book club

  • Invest in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion training for your leaders

  • Add inclusiveness to your strategic planning

  • Host history lessons in your LMS (that can be accessed throughout the year)

  • Have Black Mentors and Coaches available for your employees

  • Organize Diversity and Inclusion events

  • Establish an employee resource group

Celebrating Black History throughout the year will also include celebrating and recognizing all ethnic groups within your organization. To assist you in creating your Diversity and Inclusion committee to organize and host events throughout the year, contact us at

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