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Main Reason for a Career Plan

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

There are many reasons why you should have a career plan. But the main reason is Your Happiness!

Your Happiness - Whatever your job or career is, will determine your life's happiness. If you are in a job or career where you feel frustrated, empty, lost, and/or not excited about, then those emotions will carry into your life outside of work. You must be true within yourself. If you aren't doing (job/career) something that you are passionate about; something that motivates you; then you will not have complete (full) happiness. You must dig deep inside and find a pathway that will lead you to that happiness. Thus, career planning. In a career plan, you will first identify what makes you happy (your passion), then determine how to achieve that happiness. A career plan is strategic, focused and holds you accountable to your goals (your happiness).

Many Career Blessings,

Latika S. Vines

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