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Moving Up in Your Organization

Have you ever asked yourself how you will progress in your organization? How you will ever get that promotion? I have asked these questions plenty of times. I used to look around at my colleagues to find that they were getting promoted, while I continued to remain in the same position. I felt #invisible; like no one was noticing me or my work. I was #frustrated and felt the leadership of the organization was unfair. But, then I realized that I need to do the same thing that those being #promoted were doing: FOCUS ON MYSELF TO GET WHERE I WANT TO GO! I began to tell myself that it was up to ME to get the promotion I deserve, not anyone else’s. So, I needed to get to #work.

Below are ​the 5 Strategies I used to move up in the organization.

And, they worked!

1. Write the Vision

It is proven that when you write goals down, you are more likely to complete it. Write down what position you want next in your organization. Make sure you can see this every day, as this will serve as your gentle reminder of where you want to be. #writethevision

2. Do Your Homework

Identify how to get to that position you desire. Look at the job description to identify the knowledge and skills needed and if any education is required. If you do not have the knowledge, skills, to attain this position today, then identify how you can achieve it and do it. (If your organization offers tuition assistance to its employees, inquire how to apply so that you can receive the assistance to attend the training needed to attain the knowledge for your desired position) #studytheindustry

3. Ask for Help

Talk to your supervisor about your goal. A good leader will work with you on developing a plan to get you to the desired position. If you do not have a supportive supervisor, is there another leader available in your organization who can support and mentor you through this process? Contact that individual and ask for their guidance and support. #seeksupport

4. Gain Exposure

Attend networking events that your organization hosts and/or sponsors. This will allow those in leadership positions to notice you. Additionally, if there is a need to complete a special project and/or be a part of a special committee - volunteer. But, make sure that with any additional work you attain through volunteering, that you can balance your primary duties accordingly and complete them in the time assigned. As you complete special projects, ask for a letter of acknowledgement or recommendation. This will confirm the knowledge and skills you attained and that you used them effectively to complete a project/task. #seekexposure

5. Go for It, but be Patient

As you complete the steps, be patient with yourself. It will take time to gain the knowledge, skills, training required, and it will take time for the position to be available. But, by following the above strategies you will be ready and able to be the strongest candidate to Move Up in Your Organization. #careersuccess #careergoal

Moving up in your organization only begins when you decide to focus on yourself. Are you ready to make this commitment? I hope that these proven strategies are the beginning stages of getting the career you want!

Do you still have questions? Would you like more information on how we can help you achieve your goal of getting a promotion and/or your dream job? Contact me today at

Many Career Blessings!

Latika S. Vines

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