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There is a leader within you!

What is your next career move? Is it in a leadership position?

I believe that you are ready to be a leader, and you can use your transferable skills as a working mom to lead others and an organization's mission. To do that, I want to help you discover your leadership style so you can be ready for your next position. I am excited to announce the launch of a new Career & Personal Development coaching program for working moms, The Leader Within. It's a nine-month coaching program that guides working moms on a journey of identifying who they are as a leader, their leadership style, and how to lead others and the mission of their organization.

This program is for working moms who desire to go into a leadership position within the next year, but desire to increase their confidence as a leader and gain clarity if they are ready for the next level in their career journey.

If you are ready to gain the clarity and confidence to go up the career ladder, utilizing the skills you currently have, then schedule a virtual coffee chat with me to learn more about this program and how to participate. Click here to schedule your virtual coffee chat.

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