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You Can not be passive with your career

Passive is defined as allowing others to be in control or letting things happen. How many times have you allowed others to control your career moves, promotions, and experiences? How many times have you accepted a job to leave one you aren't fulfilled in, only to not be fulfilled in the new job? How many times have you been passive in your career?

In order for you to pursue your Career Vision, you can no longer remain passive in your career. In the below video, I share three things you can do to regain the initiative and no longer be passive in your career:

  1. Be clear on where you want to go next - Identify the job title, company, salary, etc...)

  2. Take the Initiative - Attend networking events, determine where your next position will be, share your Career Vision with those who can mentor, coach, and sponsor you

  3. Pray, Fast, and Do the Work!

If you are ready to stop being passive in your Career, schedule a FREE 15-minute call with me we can discuss what you can do today to implement the three steps above.

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