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You have the permission

It is time to focus on your future career needs by giving yourself permission to do so.

Many working moms prioritize others and their priorities over themselves. This causes them to neglect their personal career goals and needs. But, the unique and specialized talent, skills, knowledge, and experience God has given you and exposed you to, is for you to pursue your career vision and achieve it.

Give yourself the permission to take full advantage of National Career Development Month and what Visionary Initiatives, LLC will continue to do to support working moms in their future career needs, by visiting

This month, working mothers have received additional career development support, tools, and guidance in the form of:

  • Anniversary Issue of The Visionary - Career Development Resource Newsletter

  • Career Branding tips at the Empowerment & Networking Bazaar in Rockville, MD

  • Virtual networking tips during the Lunch, Learn, & Networking event

  • FREE Career Coaching calls

  • 4 NEW Career Development Digital Courses

Check out the website to learn more about this month:

Gain access to the courses at

Check out the video to learn more

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