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"Stuck is NOT Your Story: I Overcame and Am Victorious" is a compilation of testimonials from all walks of life, from the soldier deploying to Iraq to surviving abuse. Themed with overcoming the worst and most difficult scenarios imaginable, this book is filled with hope and inspiration.

In this book, I share my personal testimony of how I overcame FEAR and began to RISE when the trials and tribulations of life tried to get the best of me. I share how I was afraid of my voice and who I was, and how fear and doubt controlled me to stay in a corner. But as life continued, I learned how to overcome that fear and use my voice for good. I compare my story with that of Queen Esther, who feared that she would die if she spoke to her husband unannounced or uninvited. But, her faith in God gave her the strength to let go of that fear, rise to her calling, and use her voice to save herself and her people. Like Esther, I am doing the same today.


This chapter won't disappoint you. Order your autographed copy today. 

Stuck is Not Your Story: I Overcame and Am Victorious

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