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In the Vision Box, you will gain the inspirational tools to turn your vision into an initiative. You will gain the focus and intentionality to get back to the Vision God has given you.


The Vision Box includes:

• an inspirational book

• a journal to write down your vision and create a plan to achieve it

• a declaration card

• a personal development plan template,

• vision worksheet and more.

The Vision Box is the tool you have been looking for to not only start the new year off right but end the year with your goals achieved and your Vision fulfilled. Its the inspiration and motivation to achieve your goals easier and quicker.


The Inspiration behind The Vision Box


As working mothers, it can be hard to be focused or intentional on your Life, Career, or Business Vision when you have so many other things competing for your attention. However, when those competing priorities prevent you from achieving your Vision, you feel stuck, resentful, overwhelmed, or burned out because you want to do more but fear tells you that you can not. The contents within the Vision Box will encourage you to be focused and intentional with your time and capacity to be obedient to the Vision God has given you.


Luke 11:28 reminds us "Blessed rather are those who hear the word of God and obey it.” When you not only hear but obey the Vision God has given you, you will be blessed. You will have a life of fulfillment. You will gain happiness. You will have peace.


Why Now?

2022 is our year of Growth and Abundance. And, to gain a life of growth and abundance, it's essential that you know the Vision God has given you, but to be obedient to the Vision. Now is the time to receive what God has destined for your life. Now is the time to have the fulfillment that was initially placed on your life.


If you are tired of being stuck, feeling unworthy, believing the negative things people have told you, or resentful or regretful of what you haven't achieve, then NOW is the time to be obedient to the Vision God has given you.

The Vision Box

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