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Recently Named Top 25 Work & Life Balance Podcast by Feedspot

Welcome to The Latika Vines Show - the Work & Life Balance Podcast for Christian Working Moms! In this podcast working mothers, around the globe, can join in real conversations to learn how to manage their careers, life, being a mom and wife, not forgetting about themselves, and how to balance it all; along with the day-to-day realities of overwhelm, stress, burnout, and feeling alone, helping you to navigate and thrive in the various seasons of your motherhood journey while putting God first. 

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Your Host, Latika Vines, is a working mom of 4, a wife, an employee, and an entrepreneur. Ever since she overcame postpartum depression (PPD), she has been on a mission to help overwhelmed and overworked working mothers defeat PPD, bring equality to their home, prioritize themselves, and balance it all, while still pursuing their career and/or business dreams. As a Workforce Developer and Career Development Strategist, she shares personal and professional tips and inspiration to manage the balance of the four main aspects of a working mother: 1) Marriage, 2) Career, 3) Life, and 4) Faith (in no particular order)

If you are ready to let go of the overwhelm and overwork and start leveling up both at home and in your career, this is the podcast for you! New episodes are available every other Friday. If you have a question about the show or would like a certain topic to be addressed, please email us at

The Latika Vines Show is a division of Visionary Initiatives, LLC.


Welcome to The Latika Vines Show! Check out our latest episodes below:

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