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A Virtual Workshop for Working Moms

Teaching them how to Find a New Way to Create Calm & Balance in their Life, Work, and Themselves

Teleworking, spending time with our husbands, helping our children with their virtual learning, cooking meals, and taking care of our homes has working mothers working double overtime. And, with the new school year quickly approaching, it is going to be harder for many of us to do it all, at the same time, in the same space.

A Mom's New Way is an interactive virtual workshop teaching working moms how to create the balance they need to do it all, while having the strategies to master work and life balance. These strategies are specifically geared towards working moms in the Government (or supporting the Government) who are feeling the pressure and overwhelm in working harder, doing more, and not having balance to be able to do it all.

As a result of this workshop, you will:

  1. Identify and prioritize your juggling act

  2. Identify mom guilt and how to defeat it

  3. Gain the strategies to create balance

  4. Implement one new way to balance life, work, and yourself


When you enroll, you will receive the following on the day of the workshop:

  • A Mom's New Way Workbook 

  • Printable Notepad to take additional notes


What are you waiting for? Wouldn't you want to...


No longer feel frustrated.

No longer feel overwhelmed with your to-do list.

No longer feel lost in balancing everything and everyone, at the same time.

Join the Workshop TODAY!

This Live Workshop will be held on Saturday, August 8, 2020 @ 9am EST

Registration is Live Today until Friday, August 7, 2020 @ 9pm EST

The Investment to Attend this Workshop is

$57 (for the first 5 attendees)

Clients Who Have Attended This Workshop Have Said: 


"Thank you for providing a space where moms can connect and learn from each other without judgement. The most useful work and life balance tip I received was to get rid of the mom guilt." - anonymous.

"I recommend this workshop to any and all moms in various stages of life. The most important part of the workshop is getting together and conversing with other moms. That is something that we should do from time to time to feel a sense of belonging and understanding that there are other moms out there that understand a mom's pain, stress, and also a mom's proudest moments and deepest, greatest desires for her children. This is a must experience event!" - Lynnecia E.

Enroll in the Workshop Today, so you can Find the Calm and Balance

You Need in the midst of Life & Work. 

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