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3rd Annual Empowering the Working Mom Breakfast Set to Deliver Inspiration, Connection, and Support

Indian Head, MD – Visionary Initiatives, LLC is thrilled to announce the eagerly anticipated event of the year, the 3rd Annual Empowering the Working Mom Breakfast. On a mission to provide Inspiration, Connection, and Support, this empowering gathering is designed to bolster the working mom's journey towards self-fulfillment and a more balanced work-life career.

Date: Saturday, May 18, 2024

Time: 9:30 am EST

Location: S.P. Studio

Empowering the Working Mom Breakfast is not just an event; it's a movement committed to bridging the gap between the demands of work, life, and career through a harmonious connection with God. As working moms navigate the complexities of modern life, this breakfast aims to equip them with the tools, insights, and connections necessary to thrive in both their professional and personal spheres.

Key Highlights of the Event:

  1. Inspiration Unleashed: Renowned speakers and thought leaders in the fields of business, personal development, and spirituality will share their stories, insights, and strategies for achieving personal and professional success. Attendees can expect to leave the event inspired and motivated to reach new heights in their careers and personal lives.

  2. Connection: Networking opportunities will abound, providing working moms with the chance to connect with like-minded individuals facing similar challenges. By fostering a supportive community, attendees can share experiences, advice, and resources, creating lasting connections that extend beyond the event.

  3. Support Systems Reinforced: Expert panels and interactive sessions will address the unique challenges working moms face daily. From time management and self-care to navigating career growth, attendees will gain practical tools and strategies to enhance their well-being and professional journey.

  4. Spiritual Guidance: Recognizing the importance of faith in achieving a balanced life, the event will feature a special segment focusing on spiritual well-being. Attendees will explore ways to incorporate faith into their daily lives, allowing them to find strength, purpose, and resilience.

We are passionate about empowering working moms to not only succeed in their careers but also to thrive in their personal lives aligning to God. This event is a testament to our commitment to providing inspiration, connection, and support, with the belief that a harmonious work-life balance is achievable.

Tickets for the 3rd Annual Empowering the Working Mom Breakfast are available now. Don't miss this opportunity to be part of a transformative experience that will leave you feeling inspired, connected, and supported on your journey.

For more information and to purchase tickets, please visit:

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