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Running to your career fears: embrace god's vision

I listened to Mel Robbins's audible, Take Control of Your Life, (I highly recommend listening to it) and she said we must "run to our fear." That statement was powerful to me because as Christians we are told not to listen to our fears. After all, God never gave it to us. However, throughout the Bible, He tells us that when those moments of fear occur we must recite His promises (which I outline in my book, I Fear Not, Because God Said So) to let go of that fear and go after His will for your life. BUT, here is a thought:

The Career Vision God gave you has given you a feeling of fear, hasn't it?

The thought of pursuing a non-traditional career frightens you, doesn't it?

In the words of Mel Robbins, I'm encouraging you to run to your fear, run to your career fears. Remember God never gave you the spirit of fear, however, He has equipped you with the tools and support to pursue the Career Vision He has always intended you to pursue.

1 Timothy 1:17 tells you that "...God gave you power..."

I know that going into a Career Vision that you are unfamiliar with is scary.

I know that change is HARD, especially when you have been overwhelmed with figuring out how to #balance EVERYTHING!

It's like adding one more thing to your plate.

But, #workingmom, God has given you a career vision. One that you were hesitant to take when you started your career. And, now He is telling you to "get back to" His original plan for your life. It's time to stop doing it your way, and it's time to go after God's will for your career. It's time to start running to your career fears!

Our career coaching program provides working moms, like you, with the resources and support to seek God's vision for your career, and the action plan to pursue it. If you are ready to get back to God's vision and run to your fear of doing something non-traditional and unheard of, then schedule a FREE 30-minute coaching call with me to get started. Schedule it HERE.

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Has God been telling you to get back to His original plan for your career?

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