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Two weeks remaining

We are officially two weeks away from the 2nd Annual Empowering the Working Mom (EWM) Breakfast. Have you gotten your ticket yet?

The EWM is going to be the empowerment event you never knew you needed. We will have engaging speakers, great food, and an amazing marketplace for you to gain the Resources, Insight, Support, and Empowerment to go to the Next Level - the level that you have allowed fear, doubt, imposture syndrome, and every other lie that has become truth prevent you from achieving.

Our engaging speakers will open the door for you to be the Visionary in your life, by giving you insight on how to:

  • Confidently Rise to Your Next Level

  • Balance Life While Reaching and Sustaining your Next Level

  • Let Go of Fear to Reach your Next Level and Beyond

This is the event you don't want to miss.

Get your ticket while there is still time!

Go to to get your ticket today!

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