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RISE UP: leading yourself to the next level

Working moms struggle with the idea of pursuing their career goals. They often fight the daily battle of feeling selfish for thinking of living a fulfilled life as their family grows and the demands of life become greater. Thus, their dreams begin to fade and they forget the Vision God gave them. And that is why the EWM Breakfast was created – to support and provide working moms with the resources to unlock their God-given dreams; and give them the keys to realize the necessity to get back to the multi-passionate life and career God gave them, so they can:

1.Regain her strength;

2.Regain her confidence;

3.Recommit to herself; and

4.Be unapologetic about her needs, wants, and desires.

Our dynamic Keynote Speaker, Work & Life Balance Facilitator, and Mom Conversation will energize, equip, and empower working moms to live up to this year's theme, RISE UP: Leading Yourself to your Next Level. The EWM Breakfast is a continued celebration of Mother’s Day. Mother’s Day is intended to honor the sacrifices mothers make for their children and their families. But it is often overlooked how much mothers neglect their physical, emotional, and spiritual strength and how they have allowed their dreams to fade. We hold the EWM Breakfast to follow Mother’s Day reminding working mothers of how special they are, giving them time to renew their physical, emotional, and spiritual strength. Learn more and get your ticket at

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