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Does your word of the year work for you?

I'm sure you have seen the many social media posts of 'word for the year.' I absolutely love seeing those posts and learning about the meaning behind the words individuals have chosen as their guide or motivation to pursue their life, career, and/or business goals. Have you chosen a word for this year?

If you haven't, that's ok. If you have, that's ok too. Having a word for the year is amazing, but it's the action plan behind the word that is most important.

I chose Manifests as my word for the year. The word is a verb and noun meaning to make evident or certain by showing or displaying (Merriam-Webster Dictionary, 2023). Not only will I plan to pursue and achieve my Career Vision (having goals and objectives that will help me achieve the end result/state of my Career), but I will manifest it. I will manifest it by:

  • believing that it will happen in 2023

  • display evidence that I am working towards it

  • declare that it will occur in 2023

  • I will work at my goals and objectives day and night

I will manifest my Career Vision in 2023! I am getting ready to receive the prosperity of my Career Vision in 2023! What about you?

Do you believe that 2023 will be a different year for you?

Do you believe that you will receive the promotion in 2023?

Do you believe that you will gain an increased network of colleagues who will support, mentor, and sponsor you in 2023?

Do you believe that your name will be mentioned in rooms that you haven't walked in, in 2023?

On Friday, January 6, 2023, the newest issue of The Visionary - the Career Development Resource Newsletter providing inspiration and empowerment for career and organizational growth - will be available with the motivation to help you plan and pursue your Career Vision in 2023 by ensuring you have identified the path needed for this year. You will gain tips on:

  • The Meaning Behind the Word of the Year

  • Successfully Applying for Promotions & Benefits

  • Strategies for Setting and Reaching Professional Goals

  • Managing Time Effectively to Achieve your Career Goals

  • Building Self-Esteem in the Workplace

  • Shaping your Mindset

Additionally, you will learn more about what's happening with Visionary Initiatives and the services we provide working moms helping them be the leader in their careers, grow in Christ, and balance life.

Don't let the word of 2023 sit and not mean anything to you. Allow the word of the year to inspire you and continue to motivate you to pursue your Career Vision and have an amazing year!

Subscribe to the Newsletter HERE so you can receive it in your inbox on Friday, January 6, 2023.

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