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How do I Own My Career Development?

I am often asked this question when meeting with a group of working moms. Many of them, are unfamiliar with navigating corporate America while balancing home life. Although they desire to advance in their careers, they are often left with self-doubt, fear, guilt, and imposter syndrome because many organizations are not equipped to support them.

I was once in their shoes. After having my 4th child, I desperately needed clarity on what I wanted to do in my career and where I wanted to work. For many years I helped others design their Career Vision and pursue it, but it often left me unfulfilled because fear kept me trapped behind the terminology, "working mother." But, today, I dare you to change your mindset from anxious and doubtful that you can excel in your career to being fulfilled because you are doing something you love and are doing it on purpose.

But, how do you get there?

To recognize National Career Development Day, I want to share 7 Steps to Owning your Career Development. They include:

  1. Identify your Career Vision

  2. Map your Goals

  3. Keep Track of your Wins

  4. Identify your Gaps

  5. Gain support from mentors, coaches, and sponsors

  6. Always network

  7. Consider your work-life balance

By following the seven steps you are more likely to take the initiative in developing your career and gaining the support to pursue it. Check out the video where I share more about the seven steps.

Learn more about National Career Development Month and how I have increased initiatives and support to empower working mothers to focus on their future career needs HERE.

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