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Write your career vision

As you reflect on 2023, did you achieve your goals? Did you gain the skills you desired? Did you have a vision for 2022 and neglect to achieve it?

As working moms, we prioritize many other things above our own needs and desires. And, the one thing that suffers in our life is our career. Your career suffers because you do not have the clarity of what you want to achieve and the plan to achieve it. You don't have the support of others to help you achieve it. You don't have the motivation to focus on your career.

But, when you are not clear on your Career Vision, you don't know how to prioritize your career. Today, I want to encourage you to write your Career Vision and the benefits of having that clarity can do for you.

Why is it important to have a Career Vision?

A Career Vision is important because it provides:

  • direction

  • clarity

  • focused

  • plan

It also makes you more energetic and positive about where you are going. But, when you do not have clarity of your vision and play it out, you are unsatisfied, have a lack of direction/plan, lack consistency, are miserable, and lack a commitment to yourself and your dreams.

How long have you felt stuck in the position you are currently in?

How long have you felt like you are not challenged in your current position?

How long have you not been emotionally attached to your current position?

Why did you apply to the position you are currently in? Was it out of desperation to get out of a previous position? Was it the first position that offered you a job in the timeframe you desired?

The above questions should direct you to your answer if you gained clarity on your Career Vision.

What is a Career Vision?

A Career Vision is a statement that describes where you envision your career for the future or in other words, the position or accomplishment you would like to achieve at the end of your career. It gives you a sense of purpose and direction for your career.

How do you Pursue your Vision?

Once you have gained clarity on your Career Vision, you are now able to:

  • create a plan

  • identify SMART goals

  • research the positions to help you get there and the qualifications to make you more competitive

  • identify the actions needed to implement to get to the position you need to achieve your Career Vision

To assist you in gaining clarity on your Career Vision and turning it into an initiative Getting the Career You Want - Enhance the Vision is a three (3) month Career Development Coaching program for working moms equipping them with the Clarity, Alignment, and Support to plan and develop a fulfilling career.

Who is it for?

This program is for you if,

You need accountability to achieve your goals

You are passionate about going to the next level

You are a God-fearing woman who wants to have both a fulfilling life and career God desires for you

You feel lost about where to go next in your career

You have reached a pivotal point in your life and don't know what is going to give you the satisfaction you need

You are not happy with where your career is going

You are not satisfied with your career

In the program, I coach working moms to develop and manage their careers, get clear on their goals, and make them easy to stick to. She helps them to build opportunities for success by redefining their mindset so they can enhance their vision. They begin the coaching program feeling overwhelmed by all that is required to develop their career, but when they have finished the program, they are clear, confident, and focused. This coaching program guides you through actionable material, that has been proven to level up your thinking and doing.

Each working mom who completes the entire program will be engaged and focused on building opportunities for career growth, gaining the confidence they never knew they had to go after their goals, having inner peace, and a plan to improve work and life balance so they can have a fulfilling career and manage their many roles.

The Program follows our four (4) step process to help you successfully balance life and lead and grow your career:

  • Gain Clarity

  • Set Goals & Objectives

  • Learn how to be Purposefully Focused

  • Learn how to enhance your Career Brand, Gain Networking Strategies, and More in our Career Development Training

As a part of the Program, you will receive 12 weekly training videos, 6 bi-weekly coaching and working sessions, 31-Days of Affirmations, Getting the Career You Want Journal, I FEAR Not Prayer Journal, Unlimited Email Support, and Monthly Goal Check-Ins.

This Program is available for $697 (full payment) or $266/MO. Schedule a Call with me HERE to learn more about this program and if it's a good fit for you and where you want to go with your career.

Remember, Proverbs 29:18 says, "where there is no vision, the people will perish."

Take the opportunity to gain clarity of your Career Vision, and not go through life accepting jobs and opportunities, without the satisfaction and fulfillment that God has designed for you. Schedule your call today and let's get started.

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