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18 Life lessons for working moms

On Tuesday, March 21st, I recognized and celebrated my oldest daughter's 18th birthday. It's still hard to imagine that Viktoria can't be here, physically, to celebrate such a milestone birthday.

As I celebrated her birthday, I began to reflect on my experience of being a working mom. I remember struggling with balancing work, starting my corporate training career, going to college, and married life. I had difficulty with childcare options and availability. At 21 years old, I struggled mentally, physically, and spiritually with where I was as a working mom and where I wanted to be. Unfortunately, 7 months and 29 days after giving birth to Viktoria, she died from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

You can say that I gained so much but lost so much in less than a year. But, I learned some valuable lessons from being her mom. And as time progressed, I had the blessing of having four more girls, years later.

As I celebrate Viktoria's 18th birthday, I want to share with you the 18 lessons I have learned as a working mom. Let me know if these resonate with you.

  • give yourself grace

  • take advantage of every moment (the best moments are not captured on video/camera)

  • make yourself a priority

  • you are the first female role model your daughters will ever encounter

  • read and learn more about the world and share your findings with your children

  • don't allow daycare challenges to stop you from achieving your goals (bring your kids with you)

  • unconventional support is always available

  • don't say no to yourself

  • your feelings matter, express them

  • grow as your children grow

  • your kids are not an excuse for you to not achieve your life and career goals

  • time is precious, make it count

  • don't stop yourself from progressing because others around you have stopped

  • your friend circle will change, adapt to the change

  • other working moms are your best friends

  • share your best kept secrets with others, someone else is struggling and can benefit from your success

  • don't be afraid to tell your story, no matter how many times you've said it - its your story

  • those closest to you may not get your anxiety, but a therapist can help you manage through it

  • life will never be how you planned it

  • your confidence will grow as you step outside of your comfort zone

Remember you are a talented, multi-passionate, and priority-driven

working mom. Nothing can stop you.

Happy 18th Birthday Viktoria Rachelle Amor Wilson!


Your Mom, Latika S. Vines

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